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Mike Fallat at 365 driven

 I don’t care who you are, confidence attracts.  In order to stand out, you have to be confident (in your product, service, brand, and yourself). The red shoes on the cover of my 2nd book symbolize standing out, feeling confident and attractive, and putting yourself out there for the world to see. 

                There is nothing more powerful than a woman or man who is bold, confident and willing to take chances. You see, you can't be subtle in the game of business anymore. The more you try to dim yourself down and soften your story to make it more "basic" and "acceptable," the more you're going to lose people because "basic" and "acceptable" don't instill emotion. They just instill boredom.

               Your story, image and brand must invoke some type of emotion. When people see my company, I want them to feel something. When you're putting yourself out there, you have to center everything you do around getting people to feel something. Feeling is really what it all comes down to in the end.  When women wear attractive shoes, they FEEL attractive.  When men drive fast cars, they feel attractive.  Remember, we buy what makes us FEEL something.  Market the result of your business.  That’s why they will buy from you.

               People do not often do what they say they want to do. For example, people say they want to write a book, but they never finish it. People say they want to start a business, but they keep waiting for the perfect idea to come to them. People say they want to get healthier, but they can't bring themselves to take time out of their day to go to the gym and workout.

               Why does this happen to people all the time in so many different areas of their lives? It's because human action is not driven by logic. Human action is driven by feeling. Just because someone desires to do something doesn't mean they will be able to have determination and feeling enough to carry it through.

               Feelings are what drag a lot of people down, and feelings are what pull a lot of people up. When you can inspire people to act by making them feel good, that's when they're able to do incredible things. Feelings are what carry people through to the finish line in whatever they set out to do.

               If you offer a product or service to someone, and they can't connect with it and feel how it will help them, what you're offering will never sell. This is why we help people write their books.  Your book is your fire starter. When people read your book, and they see your message in post after post and email after email, you're instilling emotion in them. You're allowing them a chance to develop a feeling about you and a feeling about the problem that you can solve for them.

               When you give people a chance to develop a feeling about you, they might decide that they don't like you. They might decide you're not for them, and that's okay because at least they noticed you. If you don't give anyone a chance to get to know you, then they will never like you. You have to accept that you're not for everyone, and that's actually a very good thing.

               Every time you reach out to the people you're connected with, you're telling them a piece of your story to develop an emotional connection with them. When you do this consistently over the long haul, the people you're talking to might decide that they want to do business with you because you've been a positive presence in their lives for a long time. You've been providing them value and helping them feel supported, regardless of whether they've bought anything from you yet or not.  Look at it as a scoreboard.  If you show them enough amazing pieces of content, then you can WIN their business someday.  Some people aren’t ready for what you have to have right now.  But, they will be someday.

               It might take pulling people in by the eyeballs to get them to pay attention to you, but the real process of forming a lasting and mutually beneficial connection with a customer or client comes through putting your story out there so that other people can relate to your business or brand in the most authentic way possible. If your story reminds other people of themselves, that's powerful! If your story shows  people that you're different, and that you're truly passionate about helping them, there can be no better form of salesmanship.

               By sharing your story, you're trusting other people with information about yourself.  In a sense, sharing personal experiences can create a bond. This is the best way for you to earn the trust of other people and inspire them to want to do business with you. Your job is to make the first move, and then to let other people respond to you how they feel moved to respond.

               Being in door to door sales/ marketing, I realized your story is what people will remember long after you have left the room. It's the biggest piece to your brand. It's what stays in people's minds for months, even years. When your brand is strong, even if you lose contact with someone for weeks or months at a time, they still remember you. When you can stir up emotion with your story and connect your story to what you are able to offer to others, a lasting impression is made.

               People don't make decisions about who they want to work with or buy from based only on who posts the most attractive photos. They don't decide who should be their coach, fitness trainer, financial advisor, or any other kind of service provider based on who uses the most pleasing color scheme on their website.

               While there is no doubt that pleasing color schemes and attractive photos attract eyeballs, that's just the first step. It starts with the eyeballs, but it ends with the heart. Surprise them.  Comfort them.  Make them smile. How you make your potential customers feel is the most important step of the process. I know of no other more powerful "feelings activator" than story, and everyone has a unique one they can use to their advantage. Don't hurt yourself and your business by hiding yours.  The way to a person’s heart is not through the stomach (as we all may have been told).  It’s by connecting with them.  Make them feel good.

Write a book and make sure it has some heart it in!

-Mike Fallat

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