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What We Do

We Professionally Ghostwrite Your Book, Design a High-Quality Cover, and Publish it on Amazon in 30 days.




Simple & Easy Process

Video Interview

Tell us your story and lessons via Zoom in 4hrs or less.

Writing and Design

Our professional writers will bring your story to life in 30 days.

Published on Amazon

Your book is uploaded, positioned, and published on Amazon!

About DreamStarters Publishing

#1 Book Creation Service For Entrepreneurs

We make it very easy to bring your story to life in a book.  We help entrepreneurs attain more credibility, educate their audience, and increase brand awareness.

We have worked with people from all different backgrounds ranging from multi-millionaire real estate moguls, to entrepreneurs who own a consulting service, to individuals from the WAKEUP WARRIOR organization, to celebrities in the entertainment world (like WWE).

See article published in The Huffington Post.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many books have we done so far?

130+ so far!

Who owns the book when it is done?

You own 100% of book and can do whatever you want with it.  We do not take any royalties.

What kind of books do we ghostwrite?

Non-fiction books to help you grow your personal / business brand.

Will it be in paperback?

Yes, It will be published on Amazon as a kindle book and a paperback book.

Our Strengths

Our streamlined ghostwriting process offers 3 incredible strengths that make us the go-to-people in the industry:


When it comes to business, speed matters. Your book will be delivered for your review within 30 days of interview.

Affordable Price

Our fee is extremely affordable to ensure anyone can have their own book.

Simplicity & Effectiveness

We break everything down to keep it very simple for you, effective for your readers, and powerful for your brand. Simplicity always wins. Always.

Many of our clients have been featured on these media outlets due to their book launch press releases. 

A book is the greatest marketing tool if done properly.


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