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😮On a recent date, I was talking with a girl about starting a business. In fact, every conversation that I have with anyone (nowadays) pretty much evolves around business. Whether I am at the gym, at church, on a date, at dance class, at work, or driving across America in my Jeep, it seems to pop up constantly.

🤗The reason? When people talk about business ideas, their eyes light up. And when their eyes light up, it's a sign that you should KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT.

🤗After 12 years of entrepreneurship, people in my city know that I am the "business guy". Some people (whom I've been friends with for many years) still don't know that I own the fastest ghostwriting service in the world, so I just tell them that I write books. But the real hard truth is that I barely do any of the writing anymore. My team does. Simply because they are waaaayy better at it than me.

🤗I do the interviews... and I help with the marketing. Those are my strengths. And I think it's because of my fascination with mastering the art form of storytelling.

👊ok, I digress....---> Back to the date.

🤘When she asked me about why I started my business, I quickly described how amazing it is to help create something for people that will live on forever. In a not-so-morbid context, I said "Some people live a story worth reading... so it must be a story that needs to be written."

🤘Because she was probably mesmerized by my green eyes, I am not sure she noticed how excited I was to say those words.

🤗Then I followed up with a sentence that I am sure I will be using for many moons to come. Which was:

💀"So if you want to be remembered, you only have one decision to make---- WRITE OR DIE."

😮Now, I am not sure if the date will lead to anything romantic. As the Zen Master said "We'll see". But I do believe that conversation with her gave me an incredible idea for the podcast that I am creating.

😮THE PREMISE of the show is I want to talk with..interview, .and help people who live with the same philosophy that I do. I want to be surrounded by people who never stop writing, building, and creating. They "keep writing" to stay alive.

🔴These are the people who want to "master their story" and create stuff that lives on forever.

💀That is why I want to call the show THE STORYMASTERS.

😮I will interview all my clients, mentors, and heroes on how they mastered their own story.

What do you think of that title????



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