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Here's why I love America...

👊8 years ago, I was cleaning toilets & offices at night for $300 per week.

👊I started 5 different businesses before I turned 30 years old. 4 of them failed miserably. 1 did ok.

👊In desperation mode, I went to a staffing center called EXPRESS EMPLOYMENT. They gave me a job at a home remodeling company, making $9/hr ... Doing door to door marketing (even in the cold)

🏆I became the #1 lead producing marketer in the company. So, they offered me a sales job. Then, broke the 1 Quarter sales record in my first year for the company.

🏆Then, my startup business started to do better so I needed more time to focus on it. So I tried to leave that company to a competitor (like many do). But they threatened that company with a non-compete lawsuit. So, I filed a lawsuit against them. Took it to state court, had it won... Then, they took it federal court because liberal federal judges usually side with corporations... And lost. Spent $10k to fight them.. but I heard they spent $100k to stop me from working at a competitor.

🏆Then, I wrote a book.

🏆Then, it became a best-seller.

🏆Then I got speaking gigs.

🤗Then I helped a few people write their own books.

🤗Then I hired a badass team.

🤗Then we helped 170+ Entrepreneurs write books in 4.5 years.

💰Then we started charging $10k per book, and do two per week.

💰Then I invested in a lingerie company and are on pace to have 1,000 affiliate models within first 6 months of launch.

So... Why do I love America❓

Because I hold the pen... And I can write the next chapter. There are no boundaries, just obstacles.

It would be impossible to do this in a non-capitalistic economy.

In America,You can do whatever you want, make as much money as you want, and do anything that you set your eyes on.

It's your story. You control it. You hold the pen. The people who want socialism want to give the pen to someone else. Don't let them.

Write on, my friends. Write on. 


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