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1️⃣2️⃣5️⃣➕ #lingerie models signed up in 2 weeks!
🔴Many of you know that I make most of my money by trading my time for dollars 💲 by helping people create books. We charge 10k per book and $300 per month for marketing (after the book is complete).

Within 1 year, our estimations are in line to be 20k per book. The goal❓ 💲100k per month.

😏What you might not know is how much I believe in getting your 💰 to work for you. So, I always invest in great ideas... And always looking at real estate.

So, I invested in a company called #ROCKSTARSDREAM. It is a monthly delivery of lingerie for your DREAMGIRL.

Within two weeks, 125 models signed up to be an affiliate. They get paid $7 per sale they help create (monthly)... And $2 Everytime one of the models they introduced the business helps sell. Which means, for $39 (fee for one delivery), these ladies have a business that they can run from their homes!

It is the most scalable business that I have ever been a part of. Women like Nicki CochranAshley Fink , and Hana Daisy (See more about her down below) have exploded 💥 the business.

Someday soon, you will walk into a club, a sporting event, or car show... And a girl will walk up to you and ask if you want a monthly delivery of RockstarsDream for your wife or girlfriend. That's the power of #affiliate marketing, #clickfunnels, and having a business that helps OTHER people make money (and not just you).

Here's the lessons:
🔴 Never stop investing. Earn money by trading your time for dollars. Then get your dollars to work for you. That's called wealth.

🔴 Hire driven people who want more out of life. Doers... Not talkers.

🔴 Create something that's scalable. This business started in Pittsburgh.. but 99% of all business will come from outside of this city. (Just like my book company).

🔴Oh... and Take care of your #DreamGirl.😏


While I have focus on investing in scalable business, I also try to scale mine out. Adding Hana Daisy to the team gave us an opportunity to give YOU more opportunities. Recently, we started the site BOOKMARKETINGHERO.COM, a portal for business resources like having a book written, published, and marketed in 30 days or less; or the most recent addition, automated press releases. (some examples of our own down below)







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