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😮This guy is worth 💲64.2 billion dollars.

🤔Which means he makes more money in ONE day than all of these other candidates combined make in 1 year‼️

🙆And he still was portrayed to look like a complete idiot.

How is that possible ❓

Because he has ZERO camera presence.

In today's world, you will never be able to build a tribe, inspire, motivate, or assemble a massive movement if do not look good on camera.

This is why you need to start practicing TODAY‼️Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, zoom. Everything. For years.

If you don't start to get used to, and embrace the camera, you will look like a fool when it really really counts. You might be the smartest person alive, but if you are not comfortable with the camera, nobody will care what you have to say.

Pull out your phone.
Look at the camera lens.
Hit the 🔴 button.

Otherwise, your competitors who have less skills, money, and work ethic will destroy you.

Just make sure to make it a story worth watching. 😉


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