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Whitney Houston, and Her Rise from Zero to Hero

Whitney Houston, and Her Rise from Zero to Hero

It was known from the start that it wouldn’t take much for Whitney Houston to rise from zero to hero. She was a natural-born talent, it was only a matter of time before that talent took her on the rise up the ladder of success. Although her climb to the top is inspiring, her story after fame is quite a powerful one, and not in the most positive of ways.

The Early Days

Whitney’s mother, cousin, and godmother were all well known in the music industry, so it’s no shock that Houston followed the same path to fame. She was born with a natural talent and an infectious singing ability. She started her rise from zero to hero shocking audiences with her performances with the church choir, but oddly enough, it was her modeling that got her to fame.

At age 15, Whitney was trying to score a record deal and join her mother in fame. However, it was her beauty that drew a photographer to her, leading to her becoming a very in-demand model. She starred on the cover of Seventeen magazine, and was one of the first in the magazine line to be African-American. Despite this, Houston’s love for music remained, and is ultimately what got her rise from zero to hero.

The Fame

At the early age of 19, Whitney Houston got signed by the owner of Arista Records, Clive Davis. He immediately recognized her vocal talent singing gospel-like tunes in a nightclub. It wasn’t long before her talent took her from zero to hero, releasing multiple No. 1 singles, as well as a Grammy Award. She released multiple albums and became a pop legend. That is, until her career started to decline after getting involved in drug use and marrying singer Bobby Brown. She made quite the comeback, and was back again on the climb from zero to hero in 2009. It wasn’t too long after that before everything came to a halt with her tragic death in 2012.

The Tragedies

Whitney Houston was a natural born legend. It’s impossible to not feel empathy about her life taking a turn for the worst in the end of things. It all started in 1992, when Whitney married singer Bobby Brown. Houston was at the peak of her success, and only seeing more of a rise from zero to hero in the years to come. Her marriage with Brown and unfortunate substance abuse took that climb to a major halt. Starting off as nothing but passion and love, Bobby and Whitney both seemed to be struggling with a lot of internal battles, one of which being a drug problem. This increasingly led to Brown being emotionally abusive and putting Whitney Houston into a state of domestic violence.

It was obvious that the increasingly erratic behavior led to her decline, but in 2009, things started to turn around. Releasing new music and also working a bit in film, her rise from zero to hero wasn’t over. That is, until 2012, when she was found dead from accidental drowning in a hotel pool, with contributing factors being heard disease and the cocaine found in her system after death.

Whitney’s daughter Bobbi Kristina didn’t handle this well, and was hospitalized from emotional trauma almost immediately after her mother’s death. Houston’s rise from zero to hero was bound to make an impact, but nobody could have expected the tragedy that would soon follow her into it. Bobbi was found face down in a bathtub roughly 3 years after her mother’s passing, spending sometime in a medically-induced coma before eventually passing herself.

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Although a tragic story, Whitney’s rise from zero to hero is none the less truly inspiring. Everyone has a unique way of rising to the top, and even though things ended with a rough turn of events for Whitney, her name lives on as a legend.

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