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"Where's Mikey?"🧐🧐🧐 ⁣

🧩That's a very fun game. In fact, this is the game that all Entrepreneurs like to play. (Their own personal version of course.😉) ⁣

😎As Entrepreneurs, we get to do lots of cool things. We are never stuck in one spot. ⁣

👉Yesterday, I had 2 meetings for book clients, started on one cover design, prepared taxes, found out that I'm going to be in a very well known news source with many well known Entrepreneurs, and one of my investments (@rockstarsdream) is close to breaking 6️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ model affiliates❗❗❗

👉Today, I have 2 book interviews and putting together a script for a call center. ⁣

👉Also, I will be reviewing 4 new books we uploaded to Amazon this week.⁣.

🥱this is a big difference from the corporate lifestyle that I lived in prior... where everyday was the exact same.🤮

😉Here's what I'm saying---- Where you are right now is a direct reflection of the past many decisions that you've made.⁣

SO MY QUESTION IS THIS... Are you happy with where you're at???❓ If not, maybe it's time to do things for YOU.. And not for the approval of those around you.⁣

START DOING THINGS THAT DRIVE YOUR CREATIVE SOUL WILD. LIKE RIGHT NOW. 🥱Otherwise, your story will be boring as hell.⁣


Let's take a second to recognize something that's been affecting us all. The coronavirus has everyone scared and staying indoors. 🧟🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️😱

Perfect time to do an interview to have your #book #GHOSTWRITTEN😮😮😮😮📚 PUBLISHED, AND MARKETED, IN 30 DAYS OR LESS.

Happy Friday the 13th , boys and ghouls.


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