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Walt Disney, and His Rise from Zero to Hero

Walt Disney, and His Rise from Zero to Hero

Getting his big break through the creation of the legendary Mickey Mouse, it was a shock that Walt Disney rose as high as he did on the ladder of success. It’s no shock that Disney’s rise from zero to hero was in the art fields though. Walt Disney had a passion for art of various sorts ever since his early childhood. After being rejected from the army and serving some time for the red cross, Walt began his rise from zero to hero working as the artist for a newspaper in Kansas City. His big break, however, happened with his brother Roy, with their development of the Mickey Mouse character that they made while running their Disney Brothers’ Studio.

The Rise to Breakthrough

Walt Disney always had a love for the arts. Growing up, he was always into painting and drawing, and took a whole variety of art-related classes throughout high school before dropping out. At age 16, Disney found himself in France driving an ambulance for the red cross after being rejected from the army.It was when Walt came back that his rise from zero to hero started. It all started with a local Kansas City job as a newspaper artist, but his brother Roy led him into the Pesmen-Rubin Art Studio. The rise from zero to hero with animation began.

Walt worked a job making commercials from cutout animations,which led to a lot of experimentation in Disney’s free time. His interest was piqued. Born for success, he decided he wanted to take things from zero to hero, opening his own animation company. They got little cartoons Laugh-O-Grams screened at some local movie theaters. This period of time merely gave Disney experienced talent, but it wasn’t until Disney and his brother Roy moved to Hollywood and opened the Disney Brothers’ Studio that Walt’s rise from zero to hero truly took off.

The Disney Brothers’ Studio

Upon opening the Disney Brothers’ Studio, Walt developed the character that took their company to legendary status; Mickey Mouse. The rise wasn’t immediate though. The first Mickey animations were silent and failed to find success. Once they incorporated sounds with Walt as the voice-over for Mickey, everything skyrocketed. The rise from zero to hero took off, granting Walt commercial success and many more cartoons.Mickey was the start, but Mickey soon led to having friends like Goofy and Donald Duck. Flowers and Trees,one of the most popular and first to be produced in color, even won an Oscar,

Things took off quick, and new animations were on the rise.From zero to hero, Walt was spitting out animation after animation, all receiving great commercial success. From Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs to Bambi, there really was no stopping Walt Disney. He created a whole array of still loved classic animations that will never be forgotten. Walt was in the works of planning out a theme park, but dying before completion, his brother finished the plans.Walt Disney World was opened in 1971 and still holds as a truly wonderful place to visit.

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