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Top Ten Books of the Year

Top Ten Books of the Year

In no specific order, here is our list of the top ten books of the year 2018.


Our first book in the top ten books of the year is a book by the title “Everyone Ends up Poor” written by Curtis Ray. Coming in at the #1 new release in risk management, this top ten contender goes through the motions of financial freedom and how to achieve it through family, entrepreneurism, productive development, and an array of experience. This top ten book is not your traditional story of an investment strategy secret or 401(k) success, but a story of true pursuit of knowledge, making it one of the top ten books of the year.


Our second top ten book of the year is “Victim to Victor” written by Nick Santonastasso. This book is centered around the topic of overcoming disabilities through the work of acceptance, positivity, and pushing your limits. This top ten book of the year will really give you the push you need to go out and follow your dreams.


The third top ten book of the year is “Gamechanger: How Pain Can Be Your Greatest Teacher”. This novel tells real life stories of pain through the decades. The conclusions are ultimately drawn that taking full responsibility for your life is the only way to live. When you take full responsibility for your life, everything in your life becomes possible.


The fourth top ten book of the year is “The source of the Deal” written by Chris Rood. At some point in everyone’s live we will have to deal with buying and selling properties in Rood’s book he runs you through step by step how to deal with the frustrations of buying and selling properties. A top ten book of the year that will truly help you.


Our fifth top ten book of the year is “Rebel Entrepreneur” written by Arnon Barnes. This top ten contender will run you through the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, and be sure to make you the most successful rebel entrepreneur in the game.


The sixth book listed for our top ten books of the year is “Unfu*k Your Brain” by Faith G. Harper. A no-nonsense and helpful guide on how to cope with a slew of mental health issues that are hell bent on running the lives of millions of people worldwide. The ultimate guide on how to help your brain and overall wellbeing.


The seventh book on our top ten book of the year is “Blink the Power of Thinking Without Thinking” written by Malcom Gladwell. This book will absolutely change the way you think about situations, and the decisions you make on a daily basses. This book truly gained its place on our top ten books of the year.


The eighth top ten book of the year is “Mind Hacking” written by Sir John Hargrave. Have you ever wished you could reprogram our brain, just as a hacker would a computer? In this three step guide to improving your mental habits, learn to take charge of your mind and banish negative thoughts, habits and anxiety in just 21 days!


The ninth top ten book of the year goes to “I Am” written by Howard Falco. For centuries humankind has been asking fervent questions about the meaning of life. As Howard Falco learned, the answers to these questions can ultimately be found in the answer to just one: Who am I? A book about the power if discovering who you really are.


Last but not least, tenth top book of the year goes to “A New Earth” written by Eckhart Tolle. This book goes beyond teaching ho to live in the moment and helps readers learn how to turn their suffering into peace.

We hope you enjoyed our top ten books of the year list. Leave us a comment and let us know what your top ten books of the year are.

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