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The Socratic Method can be one of the greatest exercises when writing a book. Mike Fallat, the owner of Dreamstarters Publishing, loves to highlight the importance of ghostwriting due to the automatic question and answer that is required.

The answer is only as good as the question that is asked. Sometimes the answers are surface level and sometimes it is very deep in the memory. When you ask yourself the right questions, then you can find out who you really are, where you come from, and where you are going.

Without asking questions, then you will never get to the bottom of your identity. The stronger your sense of identity, the easier it is to write. This makes it easier to articulate your purpose and how you can help others. Clarity comes from answering questions. Which means the question is the first step into discovering clarity. Without asking good questions, then you never do enough soul searching to figure your life out.

Mike Fallat acknowledges the history of Socrates and how he was put to death for asking questions. His answer to not running from the death sentence was built around the question that he asked himself.

This video tells you all about how you can connect Socrates to your life. It will help you discover if you are asking enough questions before sitting down to write. Once you do, then a book will come naturally.

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