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TBook writing is often a very personal and solitary process. When writers work in isolation, they have to face many challenges accompanied by determination as well as self-doubt. So, it’s no wonder that working collaboratively will not only share their mutual struggles but also produce a cohesive guide that is the mixture of many unique minds.

“Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind
than in the one where they sprung up.” (Oliver Wendell Holmes)

Why need to
collaborate for Book writing?

  • It provides innovation in your ideas when many
    minds work as a team.
  • It ensures continuous improvement in writing
    from time to time.
  • Provides high-quality work and is beneficial
    concerning proof-reading and editing.
  • When different writers share the same platform,
    it assists in long-term benefits.
  • Good connection with co-writers can lighten the
    burden on everyone involved.

Despite its benefits, many questions arise in mind like how
to combine all unique ideas and styles of different writers all in a single
book? Can’t it be too risky to acknowledge each other? What if no understanding
is developed among the writers and all end up like an ugly Hollywood movie?

Relax! You can take some points into consideration when
involving multiple authors in book writing. Here, we are providing you with
some of them!

Making the
collaborations successful

- Discuss a clear vision regarding book topic

Make sure that everybody is on the same
page. The tone, structure, plot, and characters of the book are conceptualized
similarly by all the authors. Discuss that all to avoid any sticky issues down
the road and make sure everyone is on the same page.

- Define your roles by knowing your strengths and weaknesses

Everyone knows their potential strengths
and weaknesses. Don't hesitate to discuss them within your team and divide the
responsibilities alongside. Some people are great at writing dialogue, some at
writing about the scenery and some at writing a summary. Know what you are best
at, and you're good to go!

- Leave your ego and mask at the door

This is a vital step if you really want to
be successful in collaboration. Constantly de-valuing each other just because
you are too stubborn to value each other’s ideas is definitely going to ruin
your partnership and consequently all your effort too. Respect the critiques of
your partner and work on them together. One should always be transparent while
representing his ideas and don't try to be vague as it will affect not only the
partnership but also the quality of book content. Be genuine and flexible!

- Schedule how collaborative writing will work

Would you like to meet on a weekly or
monthly basis to acknowledge the progress of your book? Would you send drafts
and emails to each other back and forth? Set the timing and date about when to
submit the required writing sample? Regular communication or regular meetup
holds prime importance to avoid any disturbance in collaborative work.

- Written agreement

It is vital for all the authors to agree on
a written constitution that defines their working relationship. Be it marketing
roles that each author is going to take on and how is it going to split up in
terms of rights and money after publication. All these matters should be
discussed beforehand!

- Have fun and celebrate milestones together

Try to plan research trips together for
better understandings and share great experiences. Enjoy every part of the book
writing from beginning till the end. To reward combine work of all the authors,
don't forget to toast what you all have accomplished collaboratively!

When collaboration is done successfully among the authors, it will have a substantial positive impact afterward. They will be able to learn a lot from their fellow authors and will certainly boost their motivation. The power of book writing collaborations is such an enriching experience and hugely rewarding!


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