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This is the #Nintendo #Power #Glove ⚡🧤

⚡In 1988/1989 , it was the brain child of a man who wanted to play an air guitar like Jimmy Hendrix.

⚡The power glove started by taking an idea from a product that was only seen in NASA equipment (which cost roughly $10,000), and boiling it down into something that cost less than $100.

⚡Atari tried to buy the #patent for $10,000, but was turned down by the owner.

⚡Then, they took the idea to Nintendo to showoff it's capabilities.

⚡ It was barely working due to being so extremely complicated... But the woman who was running that Nintendo department at the time put on the glove, popped in Mike Tyson's punch out, and knocked down Glass Joe (the first character in the game). The owner of the Power Glove said it was a complete fluke & total luck because it really didn't work well at all.

Anyways, the woman took off the glove with total excitement and said "this is a go."

8 weeks later, they put together the glove that would be talked about for generations.

It was completely rushed, cutting corners at every turn, trying to make games work with it that have no earthly business using the glove, and had no real games lined up to work with it for atleast 1 year.

But they pushed it anyways.


Well, they were half right.

To sell more of the glove, they involved it in a movie called THE WIZARD, a production bought and paid for by #Nintendo. Which could be considered the greatest "ad" of all time. Basically, it was an entertaining 90 minute commercial and it was the visual debut of a video game called Super Mario Brothers 3. That game would be classified as one of the greatest games of all time... and as of 2011 it would remain the highest grossing home video game to date. (1.7 billion).

---Now back to the glove---

Like I said, Nintendo was half right. Marketing is their specialty. In the first year the glove grossed 90 million dollars at a sales price of $75-$89. (Which is roughly $170 in today's money).

However, kids hated it... And nothing really worked with it.

In the 2nd year, sales dropped dramatically causing it to be a tremendous flop.

(Fun fact: I played it twice in my life and thought it was awful.)

But was it a total failure? I don't think so.

🔴You see, it still brought in 😳$100 million.
🔴The technology would go on to be refined and put into the Wii years later - (which would go on to sell over 100 million units.)
🔴And it has become immortally nostalgic to gamers everywhere.

The lesson❓

⚡The greatest marketer will always win the war. Not every battle. But every Business war.

⚡When you push the boundaries fast and hard, the chance of making a mistake is high. High risk. High reward. And what you learn from one failure can yield incredible returns in the next venture.

⚡The goal should simply be to never stop throwing ideas at the wall. One might catch. (You get it? Glove..throwing.. catching? Hello, anyone?)

Speaking of wild ideas, we are going to have cool articles like this in our Magazine launching this month called RockstarsDream Magazine . Once you see it 😳, you will understand it's POWER.⚡

"Long live #Entrepreneurship. It's so bad"😎



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