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🔴This is my face looking at my Facebook feed recently. I'm in total awe. So many people wasting energy.
👉Last week, people were fighting about masks. This week it's racism. Next week (or a few weeks from now), it will be something else.
👉What I learned from working with 200 Entrepreneurs on their books is the most successful people do not watch the news.
👉You see, the goal of the news is to create emotion. Which creates energy. Which creates attention. And they want your attention... So they can control you.
👉Successful people think for themselves... And don't fall for the traps.
👉So I stopped watching it too. But I do watch press conferences and make a decision about how to feel about what's going on in the world WITHOUT A FILTER.
👉I would much rather use my energy towards building something. .
And that allows us do some amazing things. This week, @rockstarsdreammagazine went out all over the world, book business is working with new authors, our apparel company got prepped for launch, and we are close to 1,000 @rockstarsdream dreamgirls. All assets.
👉Major moves while most of country is fighting with each other. .
👉Give your energy towards productivity. Not what the news tells you to give it to.
🔴The people who are easily controlled have nothing to show for their energy. Nothing.
Remember that.


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