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The Making of Halloween

The Making of Halloween

John Carpenter is easily one of the most resourceful and self-reliant directors of his time. The making of Halloween really put John on the map. Director John Carpenter originally intended to call his movie The Babysitter Murders, but producer Irwin Yablans suggested that the story may be more significant if it were based around a specific holiday. The title was changed to Halloween. Carpenter and co-screenwriter Debra Hill wrote the original script in just 10 days. John would only take on the movie if his name was presented above the title. This was a bold move by him, but it certainly paid off. The making of Halloween was a 20 day shoot that commenced in the spring of 1978, then released later that year in October. The seasonal restrictions provided some struggles to overcome, but in the making of Halloween, John clearly overcame these struggles and provided us with a forever cult classic. The making of Halloween cost only 300,00 dollars. However, it turned an insane profit and grossed more than 65 million dollars. A big win for John if you ask me.

The house

In the making of Halloween, the house they used for filming was actually owned by a church. It has since been moved and used as a chiropractic office. Talk about an eerie chiropractic appointment. To this day Halloween is one of the most successful independent films of all time. During the making of Halloween, they didn’t have a large budget to work with so like any good artist they worked with the talent and resources they had at hand.  In the making of Halloween, the script did not call for a specific kind of mask, so they chose to use a cheap unfinished mask of Captain Kirk from Star Trek.

“The Shape”

In the original script, Michael Myers is referred to as “the shape”. The idea is that he is not a person, but the embodiment of evil. Myers as an evil, supernatural boogeyman was partially inspired by a trip Carpenter took in college: “While on a class trip at a mental institution in Kentucky, Carpenter visited “the most serious, mentally ill patients”. Among those patients was a young boy around twelve to thirteen years-old. The boy gave this “schizophrenic stare”, “a real evil stare”, which Carpenter found “unsettling”, “creepy”, and “completely insane”.

The efficiency in production

The making of Halloween was done very cost efficiently, and most of the main cast provided their own wardrobe.  The widely recognized theme is single handedly the most recognized of horror history. The making of Halloween can teach us that sometimes the things we produce by our own hand are the best things we can produce in our lives. In the making of Halloween, it is not very well known that John Carpenter and Debra hill got taken advantage of. Even though they gave a lot to the film, they did not make very good money off of their success. None the less, the making of the Halloween movies were such a success they went as far as to make a total of 11 Halloween movies.

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