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Clients’ Review

We judge ourselves by the entire experience.  Reach out to any of our clients and learn what it was like to have their story brought to life by us. 

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Victim to Victor


Working with Mike (dreamstarters) was an amazing experience. Taking the knowledge I had and creating a book out of it through interviews was one of the most efficient and enjoyable processes. I had a blast creating my first book!

- Nick Santonastasso, Motivational Speaker

Chopping Wood


I was referred to mike from a good friend. I started my process Jan 1 of 2017. Could not find the time to get things started because of my work load. Then I Spoke to Mike several times on the phone. He explained the process in detail. He was very deliberate on what MY responsibilities were and what HIS responsibilities were. His cost was very reasonable compared to his ability to get SHIT DONE! This guy made writing, publishing and producing my own book Extremely Painless!!!! He collapses time like no other! Mike is by far the most sincere, to the point, no bullshit.... and what a great professional to work with! I will be absolutely contacting Mike for book #2. What an amazing individual to work with! What a GREAT EXPERIENCE!

- Jim Steg, Steg Custom Homes/ Flippin Extreme



Writing a book was something that I believed was only for special people with particular skills. Mike created a streamlined framework that allowed me to get my stories, thoughts, and lessons into something that could serve others for years to come. I saw writing a book as something too overwhelming to tackle in this lifetime. Mike and his team shattered that “story” and I was able to create something for myself, my family, and others that will last well beyond my years. I don’t know of a more efficient way to get my life lessons in print. Mike and his team accelerated this process beyond what I thought was possible.

- Dr. Michael Buffington, Next Level Chiropractic

Balancing The Scales


I was referred to Mike Fallat of Dream Starters University by a friend, and it was probably the best referral I've ever experienced. Mike is thoughtful, patient, creative, attentive, smart and poised. At every step of our process, Mike kept me well informed. I simply could not have done it without him, and I can not recommend him highly enough. So, consider this my referral to you! You will not be sorry!

- Papa Joe Aviance, Actor & Health/Mindset Speaker



Thanks again Mike Fallat. Best money ever spent!

- Pamela Coleman, Bestselling Author

The Playbook For Success


Mike coached me to my first book very confidently. He has a consistent, repeatable process that he uses to help his clients accomplish a published book quickly. We all know that work expands to the time allowed. Mike had a goal of 30 days, and he delivered, I had a goal of 60 days. In less than 75 days, I was an author, a best selling author, and had my book on Audible. Mike was ALWAYS available to answer my questions. And he was there to explain the process a couple times when I needed or my partner needed clarity. He guided us through the parts where we got "stuck" and kept us moving each time we had a bit of a lull. He was positive and helpful, encouraging and very confident in his process, his team and in the finished product. If you want a published book, hire Mike and you will have one in short order! Don't over think this! Thanks for everything Mike! I hope to work with you again and send some friends! You are making peoples dreams come true!

- Amy Broghamer, Real Estate Coach

The Athlete Inside


Mike made the process simple and easy. I was able to get my book done and use it as a building block for my business.

- John Wood, Fitness Coach

Hyper Grow Your Business


Mike helped bring my story to life! Now, I can use this book as a way to showcase who I am and what I know to my potential clients.

- Ben Rife, Owner of Bullfrog.net