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Sylvester Stallone, and His Rise from Zero to Hero

Sylvester Stallone, and His Rise from Zero to Hero

The Early Days

Born July 6th, 1946, in New York City, Sylvester Stallone’s rise from zero to hero took a lot of pain. Starting off, Stallone didn’t have a very stable living situation. His brother and him were deeply affected by their parents’ toxic and abusive relationship. None the less, Sylvester rose from zero to hero. Spending some of his early years in foster care, Stallone’s rise from zero to hero took strength. Sylvester lived in Maryland for most of childhood with his father, and was constantly being expelled from schools. Sylvester truly rose from zero to hero, starting off with his childhood being full of emotional issues and academic challenges.

Stallone eventually moved to Philly with his mother. He finished school off there in a high school for troubled youth. He later went onto college, which is what started his rise from zero to hero. He studied drama,before eventually leaving and pursuing an acting career in New York City. He worked all kinds of funky jobs in the process of launching his acting career, including things like cleaning the lions cages at the central park zoo. His rise from zero to hero took time, and lots of effort. Alongside pursuing an acting career, Stallone was also very interested in writing, which is what really launched him from zero to hero.

The Start of Fame

Sylvester Stallone’s rise from zero to hero truly all started with the film Rocky. Stallone wrote the screenplay, but refused to sell it to anyone, despite a pregnant wife and minimal money for support, unless he got to play the lead. The wait led him in the right direction, eventually finding the two producers, Irwin Winkler and Robert Chartoff, that gave him the opportunity to make his dream a reality. His rise from zero to hero took off. Rockybecame a complete hit, winning an Oscar and earning multiple academy award nominations. Outside of Rocky,Sylvester had trouble finding much success though.

His Acting Career

Following Rocky,  Sylvester played the role of a labor organizer in the movie F.I.S.T., but failed to gain much attention for it. He regained popularity quick with his role as Rambo in First Blood. Stallone later went on rising from zero to hero writing and directing Staying Alive, featuring legendary John Travolta. He tried for many other parts and roles, but ultimately, what made him rise from zero to hero was the Rocky and Rambo movies.

Sylvester continued Rocky as a sequel, writing and playing the lead character for 4 more Rocky films. His role as Rocky is ultimately the baseline of his success, and after completing that series, his career began to decline. Rising from zero to hero got him to a legendary status, playing fan favorite roles as Rocky and Rambo. He continued the Rambo movies, but once both the Rocky and Rambo series were over, his rise from zero to hero took a halt. Stallone had already achieved a high status, but his career went into decline and no role quite got him the attention since.

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