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When I first started #writing #books & #speaking at #events (in 2016), I tried to fit in. The question I always asked myself was "How can I be the same as those speakers and those authors?" After all, they seem to be successful... And I wasn't yet.

📸Then, I saw pictures & videos of myself at those events. And I didn't like what I saw.

😕😴I was boring. I was average. Nothing separated me from them.
👉Bottom line: I was very very forgettable.

This translated to other parts of my life: My social circle, my online presence, my dating life, and my business overall.

🤔If I was #failing while trying to be someone that I'm not... then how bad can it be if I just go all out on who I really was inside❓ on what I really believed❓ on who I really wanted to become ❓

So, in early 2017, I snapped. I had enough. And started making changes that were not easy at all. I embraced everything that made me #different rather than the same as everyone else. ⚡⚡⚡

⚫I started to embrace my wilder side.🔥
⚫I didn't hold back about my views - including my major support of #Trump.🇺🇸
⚫ And I began putting an image & message together that replicates my insides.🤘

😮Many people couldn't believe it. Many people kept telling me that it will hurt my brand. Many people (who know nothing about business) tried to give me advice.

But I didn't listen to them. I only listened to my gut instinct.

And Guess what? It started to pay off bigtime (with finances, with confidence, with social circle). The reason❓ Because I actually stood for something. And when you actually stand for something...that's when your #REAL tribe can find you.

So, here's my takeaway:
🔴If you are struggling anywhere in your life, maybe it's time to reinvent yourself.
🔴Maybe it's time to stop faking it, and start playing the game your way.
🔴Maybe it's time to highlight what's different about you then what's the same.

The last thing you want to do a few years from now is look back on pictures & videos of you and #NOT like what you see. Fake people are very very forgettable. 💥Your tribe is out there. Make it easy for them to find you.


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