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Have you ever thought you could wear your favorite songs on your feet? Well, that sounds may crazy to some people, but for music lovers, this is an absolutely a fantastic thing. We at www.sockballads.com write your favorite songs lyrics upon your socks. All you need is to send your favorite songs, and we can produce a non-copy write verse only for you. The songs that you provide us are get reviewed for common phrases which are not copyrighted/trademarked. For obscure songs, we ask you to submit your favorite lyrics, and then we perform copyright review.

Why do you need a pair of sock ballads?

If you have any business meeting
or you are going to sign the biggest deal of your life or confessing your lover
how you feel about him/her, you would surely like to wear a pair of socks that
would make you look and feel like a superstar and confident. Put on your
favorite lyrics socks on your feet that you purchased from sockballads.com and
rock your moment at your best. Sock Ballads will genuinely make you feel
special and would make you rock on your big day. You would truly feel like a
rock star.

We at www.sockballads.com think that when someone shares his/her favorite song with you, embrace them because they are giving you a glimpse into their soul. With such type of enthusiasm, we at sockballads.com welcomes every music lover that provides us with a glimpse into his/her music taste. We carefully review the lyrics of the songs that our customers provide us to make sure any copyrighted/trademarked. We then produce non-copyright verses out of that song and carved it on the socks.

Say Goodbye to boring socks!

Say goodbye to your everyday
boring looking socks and send us your favorite song, along with the name of the
singer and your email address. We may also ask you the specific line of the
lyrics that you want to write on your pair of socks. After you provide all the
necessary information, we then review the lyrics to make them non-copyrighted
and write them on your socks.

Whether you want to make a romantic appearance in front of the love of your life or you want to take the spotlight of your business meeting, socks ballads will give you that rocking feeling that would steal all the spotlights inside your business meeting room. You can also gift a pair of your favorite lyrics wrote on socks to the love of your life to give him/her a glimpse of what you feel for them deep inside your heart. With the favorite song lyrics wearing on your feet, you would surely feel confidence with every step that you will take, and there would be nothing that will hold you back from the success toward which you are moving.

So, you're hooked, what now?

So, folks write down your favorite songs and send us to have rocking socks at your side. Visit www.sockballads.com to get your pair now! Any questions and concerns about your order test us at 1-321-895-Rock (7625). We will respond to your queries as fast as possible.


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