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Seize the Night!

One Veteran’s Story of Overcoming Darkness And Unlocking a New Life of Passion and Purpose

Matt Nicol

Matt Nicol is a man who went all-in on himself and won. Due to his battle with depression, he looked inside his heart and found the answer to it all. By climbing the corporate ladder and jumping into the sea of entrepreneurship, Matt found himself in unknown territory. It might have been scary, but that is when he found his calling. He found his passion. He found his "light" again.This book for those people who are searching for their own light. We are all called to do something in this world. When you find it, you know it. And Matt is the guy to show you the way. Darkness can't last forever. It's time to seize the night once and for all.46 years old, born outside Columbus, Ohio. Adopted at birth, married, wife Nicole with whom we have 2 children together and I have 3 children from a previous marriage. Children are Austin, 15 Abigail 14, Aiden 12, Logan 7, Lauren 3. I spent 23 years in the military reserve, half in the Army and half in the Air Force, wanting to be a pilot since junior high school I would go on to become dual rated and fly both rotary wing and fixed wing aircraft in two different branches of the service. My wife is also military, she's currently a Registered Nurse in the Air National Guard and at the Ohio State Univ. James Cancer Hospital. I did two tours in Afghanistan flying C-130H aircraft in 2004 and 2005 as part of Operation Enduring Freedom and working 19 years in the insurance industry with a Fortune 100 Insurance Co. I owned 8 Verizon Wireless retail stores from 2006 to 2010 and shut them down during the economic downturn in 2009/2010 and went back the corporate world only to be miserable for 7 long years and then make the jump back into entrepreneurship in April 2018. Now, I help people beautify and see their homes in an entirely different world thus allowing them to see with more clarity and purpose the way in which they live.




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