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Before we jump into some of the recent books our company has written, published, and turned into a bestseller, I'd like to start with telling you how we can help you!

Are you an entrepreneur? A real estate agent? A business owner? A self-help guru? Are you someone with a story to share and lessons to teach? Do you want a way to get it out there without all the stress and hassle and effort? Do you lack certain skills that would make that happen that we can take care of for you, like writing?

We all have a story to share, lessons to teach, and the world DESERVES to hear all that you have to say. Here at DreamStarters Publishing, we can gain content for your book through a series of video interviews that will later be turned into a book! We have graphic designers to get your cover made, and you will get many options to choose from to make sure the book is uniquely yours. Once the book is done, edited and reviewed by you, you're on your way to becoming an amazon bestseller with the ultimate marketing tool- inspiration for others that can be held, passed out, or simply read on the smartphones we're all so addicted to.

Now that we've got the pitch out of the way, let's move onto some of our recent clients!

Billy Mercedes - No Pain: The Lifestyle Guide to Overcome Adversity and Achieve Your Highest Potential

In this book, I’ll be taking you through some of the same steps that I take with my clients. I’ll help you shed pain in your life - that doesn’t mean that you’ll never experience pain, it’s just that I’ll show you how you can turn that pain into power. With these tools, you’ll find out how vulnerability brings strength, and how communication - with ourselves, and with our loved ones - is at the crux of finding and achieving true peace of mind.If you’re reading this book, I’m guessing that you feel stuck, in one way or another, in your life. Maybe it’s around your work, where you live, or your relationships. We’ve all been there. I know I have.When you can strip down to your core experience, and your core response to life, we can shine a light on just how much control you really do have. As we move forward in the book, we’ll touch on the very aspects of achieving “No Pain,” as well as cautions on your way to finding your own strength and ultimate success (hint: don’t sell yourself short).If you’re ready to begin, let’s go! We’ll start with the very concept of “No Pain.”My name is Billy Martin Mercedes I am a Licensed Professional counselor and Hypnotherapist. My goal with this book is to provide you with valuable information that can assist you in developing daily strategies that can help you live and love your best life and achieve no more pain. To help you reach your highest potential through consistency and honesty. Also, helping a loved one in need. Or as a therapist help improve your therapeutic skills and provide you with more strategies and techniques.Follow Billy on Instagram @NoPain201


Nathan Mcleod - Face the Numbers: How to Use Objective Data Collection to Win in Business

Numbers can be very scary. No matter how big or small your business goals are, running the business on numbers is the only way to ensure effective growth. This can be daunting to any entrepreneur. However, through a few simple lessons, you can begin to grasp and comprehend data on a whole new level. Once you are able to see the power in tracking simple data, you will become obsessed with the process. This new love will lead to a much greater emphasis on tracking all numbers. Growth and efficiency will result. It’s time to let go of that fear and Face the Numbers. Once you do, you will never look back.Nathan is the owner of McLeod Estates, a house flipping company. He is a co-owner of Call 2 Scale, Sell-It Simple, The Off Market Deals, Blue Bison Holdings, and Step by Step REI. As the operations expert, his strength is based around data comprehension, efficiency, and overall business growth. Through various entrepreneurial endeavors, Nathan has been an investor and consultant in various industries.


Vick Tipnes - Did You Sell Your Soul?: It's never too late to change your story

No matter your circumstances in life, you can build a better and brighter future.

Are you truly happy with your life? Facing the answer to this question can be scary, but it is a necessary step to take control of it, change it, and finally make it become the life you deserve and always wanted to have. In Did You Sell Your Soul? It's Never Too Late to Change Your Story, author and successful entrepreneur Vick Tipnes shows readers how to overcome obstacles, remain focused, and achieve your life goals.

Told in a genuinely honest and upfront manner, the author shares the many setbacks, failures, and heartaches he has had to go through to fulfill his lifelong dreams and become successful in life & business. His humble beginnings gave him the drive to never settle for less than what he knew he could be, and this relentless push guided him to the top and at the helm of an Inc. 5000 company. By analyzing his failures, the author teaches readers how to avoid making the same mistakes and what they need to focus on to reach the success they always envisioned for themselves.

By emphasizing the pursuit of happiness as a key component to real success, each chapter highlights important steps entrepreneurs have to take to bring their company from zero to Inc. 5000, paying attention not only to business-related matters, but also to personal life issues, family struggles, and the importance of surrounding yourself with people who believe in you and your vision.

Regardless of if you are a stay at home parent or college student, if you want to improve your life, achieve happiness, and become a successful entrepreneur by learning all the secrets of the trade, this book is for you.



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