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Can I blow your mind a little bit today ❓

🤯What I'm about to say to you might make you want to #quit #your #job & become a DREAMGIRL.

😳As you know, I invested in a company called RockstarsDream - Monthly Delivery of Lingerie which is run by a woman named Nicki Cochran.

😎My responsibilities are simple clerical duties, like website operation and email functionality. Which I've done 100s of times with my current & past businesses.

🦸‍♀️But Nicki does EVERYTHING - including onboarding , webinars to all affiliates (often bi-weekly), and entire customer service. If anyone is in CS, you know that work load.

You would think that Coronavirus would have slowed down #lingerie purchasing. However, it did the opposite. In the past 2 months, the company has escalated dramatically. It is just about to break 8️⃣0️⃣0️⃣ model affiliates ❗

We stopped running ads (just to test the waters), and it is still growing at a promising rate. (Approximately 2-3 signups per day).

You want to know why? Because these women are not just models, they are Entrepreneurs. They get paid if they help the business grow. Some make $$$ residually... Meaning they don't have to do ANY work to receive the money next month.


❌ 4,000 ( their avg IG #follower count)
3,200,000 sets of eyeballs 👀

(I personally believe the average Instagram follower count is much higher than that, but we will simply use 4000 as a conservative number).

Cost to advertise to 3 million people? Zero.

😳I've spent 5 years building a book business, and I believe the number of people who saw my business is less than 100k in total! Unreal.

Keep in mind, this is all before the magazine launches next month (RockstarsDream Magazine)... Which will be featuring many of the top women who are killing it in the business. 👉 They get serious publicity, which expands their influence and personal brand, which gets people to see their Instagram page, which gets more people to buy lingerie or become affiliate too, which will get affiliate paid immediately! All from working at home❗

Bonus---And we are giving them a major add-on to promote this week... Which will substantially increase their earnings.💲💲💲

The lesson-----

Create a business that allows alot of people (not just the owners) to:

1) make lots of money doing something they ♥️ #residually.


2) increase their own personal brand so their #value is always ... And I mean always going 🆙. Which gives them #many #options in the future.

This is why they will want to join your #tribe.

👊Keep helping these women grow their name, Nicki. Well done.



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