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Procrastinate Writing Their Books

Top Reasons People Procrastinate Writing Their Books

Many people all over the world are looking to write a book, but how come not many are actually going through with it? Why are so many procrastinating writing their book? A book is the ultimate marketing tool, giving you a physical and digital product that you can use and sell to boost your brand image. Why procrastinate writing your book any longer?

Here at DreamStarters, we’ve helped over 110 clients get their story written, published, and marketed in 30 days or less. We’ve seen with our own eyes the gains you can make from having your own book. There’s no point in procrastinating any longer. A book can push your career faster than anything else we’ve seen! None the less, there are some common misconceptions and reasons for procrastination. By recognizing your reason for procrastination, you can take a step forward to realizing it’s much easier than you thought and get started on writing your book today.


A lot of people have the misconception that getting a book written and published would take ages. The dread of a long process is bound to lead to procrastination. Fortunately for you, the process is a lot easier than you think. There are many options to quicken the process up, one of which is hiring a company like ours. DreamStarters promises to have your book written and published in 30 days or less. We work with you through the whole process, and allow you to make revisions as necessary. Here at DreamStarters, procrastination doesn’t exist. On top of it all, the book still gets the chance to receive your personal touch.

However, aside from our company, there are many others. There’s also the option of simply doing it yourself. Why procrastinate any longer when writing your book can be so easy? Hiring a ghostwriter is always an option. The writing portion is always the longest process, but hiring a ghostwriter can take you as little as couple days to have your book written and on its way to publication. With a timeline like that, why procrastinate writing your book any longer?


The main reason behind most procrastination is discomfort. This discomfort can be from a whole variety of different reasons. Maybe you suffer from anxiety, and have a habit of overthinking the process. Or maybe it’s depression, and you just can’t seem to find the motivation. Self-consciousness can also be a reason. Maybe you think that you’re story isn’t good enough. It’s highly possible that you procrastinate because you don’t think the finished product will turn out as good as you want it to. Maybe you even think you don’t have anything valuable to share.

No matter the reason, it’s common to believe that discomfort is something to be avoided. But instead of avoiding your discomfort and instead procrastinating, ask yourself why you’re so uneasy about it. I’m sure the reason isn’t as logical as you first thought. Facing your discomfort gives you a chance for growth.


Stop procrastinating today, and put your trust into DreamStarters Publishing to get your book written, published, and marketed in 30 days or less. When getting your story out into the world to be used as the ultimate marketing tool, why wait?

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