Walk Your Own Way

Walk Your Own Way: How to Step into the Life that you Deserve


Shawna Ayumi is a woman on a mission and has a passion for helping those who are searching for a better way. No stranger to loss, heartbreak, and adversity, she finally had enough and decided to take action. After she began building a business, becoming an entrepreneur, and stepping outside of her comfort zone, she realized she was waking up to a new life. It was in that moment that she realized it was exactly what others needed in order to start experiencing a life that they deserve. This book explains her lessons and her story. It’s all too easy to let life pass you by, to let others make decisions for you, and to always put blame on something or someone else. Everything happens for a reason. Let this book be your first step to WALK YOUR OWN WAY. Are you ready to take your first step? It’s time.