Unshackled: How to break free emotionally, physically, and spiritually starting today!


Life will try to get in your way, stall your dreams, and challenge you at every corner. Pamela Coleman knows this all too well. For years, Pamela felt like she was asleep. She felt as if the dreamer inside had disappeared. And she let go of the girl (who was born to skate) she once was. It wasn’t until she made a promise to herself that it was time to get that sparkle back in her eyes and live the life she wanted to live. A culmination of business aspirations and fitness goals lit a fire in her that gave her the strength to break free from her old life. Inside this book, you will hear her story and how she was able to find the key to the chains of life. Are you ready to be Unshackled too? Life is too short to live any other way.