The Shock of A Lifetime

The Shock of A Lifetime: How to Overcome Devasting Adversity and Total Transformation


Everyone struggles. Everyone goes through difficult times. Everyone has a moment in their life when something happens and they question whether or not they should give up. But it’s not what happens to a person that defines them. It’s how they respond in the face of adversity is what matters. Jesse Sink has been an inspiration to thousands of people all over the world. He has been through something that most people could never even imagine. Yet, Jesse has only become stronger because of his past. Within this book, you will learn how Jesse was able to use his tragic incident as a way to fuel him for a greater future. The lessons will undoubtedly help you overcome your own personal struggles, challenges, and moments of adversity. You will see that somethings happen to you to make you see life from a different perspective. Sometimes, the SHOCK OF A LIFETIME is exactly what you need to put you on the right path.