The 25th Hour

The 25th Hour: Developing Efficiencies to Manifest Your Life Goals


Gerald Williams is an American born author and a true renaissance man. Gerald grew up in Berkeley, California in what would some would consider the most liberal part of the country providing an environment of high creativity and several interests. He attend Saint Mary’s Catholic High School matriculating to Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia for his undergrad work and returned to California for his graduate studies. Gerald wears multiple hats working in education research full-time Gerald is also maintained part-time Psychology Professors position, local alumni chapter president, Oversight Committee Chair for a city fund for urban youth, is a licensed California Realtor and runs two successful businesses. In conjunction with all of the above Gerald is currently ranked the 15th best IFBB Professional Bodybuilder in the world. His commitment to community and extraordinary work ethic serve as the catalyst for his literature. Gerald recognizes that the investments that his family made in him early on are unquestionably the reason for the achievements of today. While this is not the pinnacle of success Gerald feels that hopefully his story and philosophy will help others. This book details his journey, the lessons he learned, and what he wants to teach anyone who wants to accomplish big things. Are you ready to go after what you want in life? Are you prepared for what’s in front of you? Are you ready to start owning your time? First, you have to create it. Your 25th hour is now.