Shooting The Clan

Shooting The Clan: An Eyewitness To The Rise Of The Wu-Tang Clan (Feast Of Famine: Memoirs Of An Independant Filmmaker)


A young filmmaker transcends himself from a world of crime and poverty into a talented accomplished director.” Gerald K. Barclay aka “Gee-Bee” is a Liberian born, Staten Island-raised Producer and Director known for his early music video works with the Wu-Tang Clan’s “36 Chambers: Enter the Wu-Tang Clan” album. Gee-Bee gives his unique perspective of an independent filmmaker, spanning two decades while recounting the experiences of overcoming numerous obstacles and challenges of the music and film industry. After producing the monumental documentary “Wu: The Story of the Wu-Tang Clan” Gee-Bee realized there was an abundance of enlightening details he could not squeeze into ninety minutes. This book gives him the opportunity to further delve into the intricate backstory. “Shooting the Clan” is the first of three books in a series entitled “Feast or Famine: Memoirs of an Independent Filmmaker.” This book divulges a Hip-Hop history that serves as remarkable life lessons.