RESET: 6 Essential RESETS to a Healthier Happier You


Have you ever felt like your life was in a total mess?
Did you ever look in the mirror and wonder,
“What happened to my body?”
Are you choking on debt or struggling
to make ends meet?

Celebrity make-up artist, television and radio host, children’s book author, executive producer and entrepreneur Jacqui Phillips shares her story of how toxic relationships, crushing debt, career implosion, emotional instability, and weight gain led to the moment when she heard the lion roar—screaming for her to wake up and RESET!

Woven through her gripping story, Jacqui offers the RESET tools she used for six key areas: health & fitness, relationships, emotions, finances, appearance, and faith. She wants to help you take your life back and realize the power you have on the inside, waiting to unleash and let you pursue your passion and your purpose with joy!

Jacqui Phillips has either appeared on or worked behind the scenes as a “Star Behind the Star” make-up artist on the following programs or networks such as: QVC, HSN, NBC, CBS, MTV, VH1, Food Network, BBC, CNBC, ABC, Cooking Channel, HGTV, Oprah’s OWN Network, Super Soul Sunday, TBN, CNN, Fox, BRAVO, and Spike TV.