Plan Smart, Retire Right

Plan Smart, Retire Right: A Common Sense Approach to a Stress-Free Retirement


Fear can be paralyzing. And the financial world can be a labyrinth of both lucrative opportunities or potential pitfalls, creating anxiety and uncertainty. When it comes to your retirement, there is no greater asset than knowledge and understanding of your options, empowering you to make the best decisions possible. As a veteran in the financial services industry since 1994, I will present in this book proven strategies that have worked for my clients and can work for you, too. The key to a common sense approach is to keep it simple. There’s no need to overcomplicate or reinvent the wheel. A sound retirement plan and disciplined investment framework can be the difference between running out of money in retirement or fulfilling your long-term dreams of financial security. This book is filled with strategies and principles intended to not only grow and extend your retirement dollars but to also protect your money along the way, encouraging you to look at retirement through a different lens. Whether you’re approaching retirement age or know someone who is, this book will provide valuable education and insights into your retirement options, provoking critical questions to ask yourself, and outlining the steps you can take right now to create a stress-free retirement. It’s time to remove the fear, get ahead of the game, and prepare for the best days of your life. Plan Smart, Retire Right will show you the way.