Laugh Loud, Live Long

Laugh Loud, Live Long: A book to cheer you up and cheer you on


Raymond Orta is the Greatest Comedian of all TIME. That is what his mom tells him, anyway. He loves to make people laugh. HARD. He also has a deep passion to help others unlock their full potential. After a near death experience where he went to “THE OTHER SIDE”, Raymond became connected firmly to helping people find the LOVE that God has for them. He travels the country selling out shows in clubs and theaters! He also speaks to students about following their soul’s purpose. His aim in life is to impact as many people in the world with a positive and loving energy filled with laughter and zest for life. As a comedian, I love to make people feel good by making them laugh. Having gone through my share of hardship, I know the kinds of problems that people deal with out there in the world. By focusing on always developing my talent, I’ve been able to bring happiness to so many people who might be struggling. This is what really makes me happy in life. I can’t tell you what your gift is, but I know that we all have a purpose here on earth. God has built this purpose into every single one of us, and you can find it by being true to yourself and going after what you want. You can find the gift God has given you, even if your life feels hard right now. God loves you, and he wants you to laugh loud and live long. This book is intended to cheer you up and cheer you on, and inside you will find stories of how I came to discover my soul’s purpose here on earth and the challenges I have overcome to get to where I am today. The journey has not been easy, but it has been absolutely worth it. Don’t let another day go by that you don’t appreciate every little moment of your life. The fact that you’re here on this earth right now reading the back of this book is a miracle in itself, so take time to smile, laugh and enjoy the ride.