If You Build It, Life Will Come

If You Build It, Life Will Come: How to Build Your Dream Product Idea and Engineer the World into Your Playground


In Margot Sandy’s “If You Build It, LIFE Will Come”, she depicts her journey of a young girl with a dream to realizing that dream as a Product Development Engineer at some of the top consumer products companies in the world to starting her own business, In The Now, LLC. Through a little humor (a few too many 90s references) and a love of creating things we learn how Margot turned her early passions of building masterful 3D puzzles and elaborate Halloween Costumes into tangible skills to be used in her professional career. We also journey with her as her experiences are sprinkled with sporting challenges, academic stresses and triumphs and a bevy of spontaneous international trips. In this book, we further discover Margot’s passion for helping people whether its volunteering in all parts of the world or helping people turn their product ideas into viable products in the marketplace through her decade of product development experience. In brief, the message is simple and that’s to try and approach life with a zest for learning and creating. Be bold with your choices, persevere and go after what you want in life. Thus, this how to book will guide you to turn the world into your playground and craft your own ideas (sketches, notions or otherwise) into a reality.