FACEBOOK GROUP MARKETING FOR REALTORS: How to Create the Online BUZZ that Your Real Estate Business Deserves


Let us teach you “The Buzz Formula.” We are experts at generating an insane amount of business using the FB Groups and we have been doing this for 4 years now, so we KNOW what can be accomplished! We can take any Business or Professional, and teach them how to build a Personal Branding Group on Facebook which will grow without buying ads. If you have a FB Business Page already, you will see that the groups grow much faster and you will see how to utilize them together and develop far more connections with REAL people who are truly interested – and you will gain more business than you ever have before! Being a former Realtor, I know the struggles of finding Buyers & Sellers. We have already helped hundreds of Realtors learn how to stop calling leads, door knocking and going to trade shows. Those days are OVER! Let us teach you a much safer and more effective way to find clients. This book will show how to turn likes & comments into BUYERS & SELLERS all from the comfort of your home, by using the FB Groups.