Attractive Story Selling

Attractive Story Selling: How to use your story as a competitive advantage and attract the attention that your business deserves


A book is the ultimate marketing tool. It establishes credibility, leverage, and positions you as the expert in a field. More importantly, it helps you build relationships. Relationships, after all, is the key to any business. People do business with and buy from others who they know, like, and trust. And there is no better way to get someone to know you than by telling them your story, what you believe, and what you are passionate about. In a sense, your story is the gateway to success, which ultimately makes it the most attractive attribute that you possess. So let the world hear it, see it, and understand it. My motto is this: USE WHAT YOU HAVE THAT COMPETITORS DON’T. If you want attention, you must learn to use your story in a way that it turns heads. Don’t be just a storyteller. Be a STORY SELLER. This book will show you how.