Agent Mastermind

Agent Mastermind: 17 Strategies That Will Explode Your Real Estate Business Today


We are a Mastermind Group of like-minded Real Estate professionals from around the world who research, share and implement an incredible collection of unbelievably effective marketing strategies. The success we have had online in our Facebook group Agent Mastermind has shown us that we are able to change people’s business through the advice we sharing each week. Now, we are sharing all of the best tips in this book. We believe that success breeds success and that we are at our best when we as a group are helping others to succeed. We believe our collective success will far exceed our individual successes. We believe that success is dynamic. Your level of success can always increase. Our motto is simple: Learn from the best, surround yourself with the best, and soon you will be the best. On its own, an ember cools and the heat it produces dies away. But as part of a collection of other burning embers, the heat builds and provides warmth for those around it. This book will show you how to dominate the real estate industry, become the go-to person in your field, and create a fire of such magnitude that others simply cannot ignore. Learn from the Masters: Doug Cadaret How To Get More Referrals Michael Hellickson Lead Generation, Lead Conversion and Listing Presentation Michael LaFido How to Break Into & Dominate Selling High-End & Luxury Homes Jason Morris How to Get Listings in a Tough Market Chelsea Pietz Creating a Camera-First Brand Strategy With Snapchat Frank Patrick Breaking into the Probate Niche (how to get 3-5 new listings monthly) John Reh The Exact Blueprint On How To Use Facebook Advertising Hoss Pratt The Listing Boss – How to Go From 0-30 Listings in 30 days Chris Johnstone Email Addresses in Adwords With Customer Match Enrique Braunschweiger First-Time Buyer Boot Camp for Real Estate Agents Erin Bradley Pursuing Freedom: Creating The Career and Life That You Are Meant To Live Hank Avink Building a Team vs. Solo Agent Scott Hudspeth Farming Your Database Kelly Lucente How to Create a Personal Brand for Your Real Estate Business Richard Smith Finding, Hiring and Utilizing Virtual Assistants! Amy Broghamer The Ultimate Buyer Loyalty Process Char Klisares One Agent Team