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🕧9 years ago, I owned a business that would always get calls from a company called Eyeflow marketing.

🕥5 years ago, I heard of a guy named Phil LaBoon... Who is one of the top internet marketers in Pennsylvania (and owned Eyeflow marketing)

🕣3 years ago, we spoke online about working together in some capacity in the future (since we are both in Pittsburgh).

🕡3 months ago, my company started to work on his book with him❗

😮Today, we are launching his new book on Amazon and helping him become a best-seller🔥

🔴Time is a beautiful thing.

Learn from the best and automate your income. Pick up Phil Laboon's book today!

"You’re sitting outside your child’s school in the pick-up line…or you’re a half-mile from your goal on the treadmill…or you’re having a drink with your friends after tennis or golf. Not much happening. Except, you could be earning money – enough money to help you fulfill your dreams? Sounds a little too good, doesn’t it? Some “get rich quick scheme” designed to make someone else wealthy at your expense. Well, the opportunity is real and available to you.In Automate Your Income, entrepreneur Phil Laboon shares his revolutionary approach to Automated Income Streams (AIS). He will walk you through setting up passive income systems designed to earn money for you twenty-four hours a day – every day. Simply opening the book will not make you wealthy – you must plan, research, and – most importantly – work. But your efforts will result in a bigger payoff than you have ever imagined.Prepare to start living the life you deserve. Begin your journey to financial independence by learning how to Automate Your Income.Phil Laboon defines the term “serial entrepreneur.” Since junior high, he has been building profitable small businesses and side hustles in dozens of industries. Starting after his high school days, Phil built several highly automated, multimillion dollar businesses – everything from real estate and phone cases to digital marketing and affinity buying groups. The enterprises are vastly different, but the method he used for each is almost identical. Phil possesses an uncanny ability to recognize gaps in the market and to build highly profitable, automated solutions to fill the vacuum. Over the past two years, Phil has been crafting Automate Your Income as a blueprint to teach others how they can replicate his incredible process and implement in their lives."



I can't wait to go "#Social #Distancing" this weekend! 😎🏍️

What are you doing to escape the crowds and keep your sanity❓ (post a 🖼️ if you can)



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