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Home-Blog-Mike Fallat with Daisy about the Power of Story

Mike's business didn't start succeeding until he chose to be different in life. People remember the things that stand out. Mike Fallat did this by making books ATTRACTIVE. There are many ways to stem out from the crowd though, but it's very important for your business that you do.

Continuing down a well beaten path will get you nothing but the same results; there will be too many options for everyone to choose from. You need to make yourself the only option; the only one who's got it.

We learn this through history. Everything changes and evolves, and where you once were is important to where you will be. Where you are now? A place to share how you got here, and where you dream of going. We all start from zero, so where was yours? And what was the climb like? Those are 2 questions people really want the answer to. Someone, somewhere, will be able to relate and not feel alone. Not to mention, you're proving that anyone can make it.

Become your own hero, and bring others up with you.


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