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This is Edgar Allan Poe.
He is one of the most famous poets and short story writers of all time.
Poe wrote quite a few gothic stories about murder, revenge, torture, the plague, being buried alive, and insanity.
When you know his backstory, you will see why he was drawn to the world of dark and mysterious.
At 3 years old, both his parents were gone. So, a very wealthy man took him in and gave him a home (thus being split up from all his brothers & sisters).
He did not have a good childhood and never seemed to belong. Once he was old enough to go to school on his own, he was left to fend for himself. His adopted father did not give him enough money to live on. So for many months he had to burn furniture just to stay warm.
His hatred for his adopted father grew.

The dark days are what spawned him to write.
Through a twist of fate, a local publication allowed Poe to publish short stories in their paper. Unfortunately it was short-lived.

Years of struggle, disappointment, and rejection led po to travel around. Many of his family members girlfriends and wives would die of tuberculosis.

Poe's name became very well-known only when he moved to New York City... And completely FABRICATED a story about a boat with wings that could fly across the ocean in 3 days. People began buying newspapers just to learn about this incredible invention. But Poe would later admit that it was a fake story.
Soon after, he created THE RAVEN.. which helped him increase his Fame.
But, he never made a lot of money. Struggled his whole life. And died at 40 years old.
The real money and fame came after he died. That's when another writer wrote a book about his life and tried to defame him.. and discredit much of his work.
The reverse effect happened and people started to look into more of what Edgar Allan Poe did. That's when they discovered a bunch of is other horror stories.

And the rest was history.

Here's what I learned from his life:
1) don't try to ignore the dark days. Use them as much as possible.

2) even the greatest writers of our time will not get any of attention unless they do the unthinkable. And force people to look at them.

3) all publicity is good publicity. Because of that negative person trying to discredit his Fame, it actually got people's attention.

4) books are assets forever. Even when you are gone, your books can change the world for generations.

Quote The Raven nevermore.



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