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🕺I waited until I was 34 years old to learn any basic dance step. -

💃Dancing was so foreign to me at this age, that everything seemed unnatural. When you don't do it your whole life, then you try to learn, you feel weird for months. Actually years probably. Until it becomes engrained in your dna.
🕺I have been taking dance lessons for 9 months and feel totally outside my comfort zone Everytime.
💃The same feeling happened as an entrepreneur when I started in 2009. Everything seemed strange.
💃But eventually it becomes just WHO YOU ARE. It becomes 2nd nature.
🕺here is what I know ... The earlier you start at anything, the better chance you have at success. kids who pick up an instrument or learn how to dance, or learn a language at an early age can learn easier.
People who don't come from Entrepreneurial families (like me) will struggle more. But, it all can be overcome with absolute ridiculous levels of tenacity. At this point, I don't give a shit about how I FEEL. I only care about listening to people who know how to go from 6 figs to multimillionaire (Because that's where I'm at). -
You will need a teacher.. or multiple teachers to get you from one level to the next. No matter what you are shooting for, put aside how you feel. And only focus on progress.
Life... Business... And growth in anything is a dance. It's supposed to be hard. Otherwise everyone would be able to do it. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun.
(The music in this video is not matched up because Instagram/fb hates when you do videos featuring real music)
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