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🤔Imagine winning the highest award in your business...

🤔Imagine being a hero to many young kids, chasing something for 30+ years, and finally getting it...

🤔Imagine achieving something that very few ever do - something that helps cement your family legacy for years and years to come....

And your first words are #NEGATIVE❗ 😮

🚫He didn't talk about going after your dreams, overcoming adversity, or loving what you do in life. He talked about Politics.

For those of you who don't know, Brad Pitt won an #Oscar last night... and even before he thanked his kids, his ex-wives, his agents, his co-workers, his coaches, his team, his fans, or any supporters, ...he says something disgraceful about the ACQUITTAL OF THE PRESIDENT.

This is the true definition of NOT BEING A LEADER. Rather than inspire, motivate, and represent gratitude (on the grandest stage), he focused on creating more division. Truly Disgusting.

🔴I am fortunate enough to interview Entrepreneurs every week for their #books. Some people make hundreds of thousands in one deal. What I realized is how top leaders all think the same. They all have an AUTOPILOT switch that flips to " #gratitude " when something good happens. Most will immediately want to share that success with those who helped them get there. They would #never do what Pitt did.

That's exactly the reason why I look up to my clients ......And i don't look up to people like Brad Pitt.

🗄️If your #AUTOPILOT switch is to go towards something divisive once something great happens, then you are not a #leader. You are an actor.

We at DreamStarters just don't stand for it. Our team's goal is to help and to inspire.

Pretty sure this crew is going to turn up the volume on Sunday.😮

🔴 Rock band.
🔴15 DreamGirl models.
🔴Photo & video shoot.

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Life is like a guitar..

It gets realllllly fun, once you learn how to play.


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