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🤔It is the best & worst "feeling" you could have to get your business off the ground.

😎Let me explain...

😮To leave your comfy corporate job, to push your idea to the market, and to do everything with no money, is a recipe that can only be complete with DESPERATION.

😮For my first 6 business attempts, I was very desperate. I was sooooo desperate that I was actually Ghostwriting & Publishing books for $2500❗

🔥This stage is called survival mode. And it's hard not to say yes to any bit of money just to keep food in your stomach. This (naturally) forces you to be short sighted in your decision making skills.

🔥But then you grow. And survival turns to thrive mode. Nowadays, we are $10,000 per book. And guess what that means? You can start to play other games ... WITHOUT THE DESPERATION phase.

🏆Rather than try to win the day, or the daily battle, you focus only on winning the war.

Big difference.🇺🇲

It becomes all about scalability, strategy, and million dollar ideas.... Not "rent" money.

💪Desperation clouds your judgement. This is why you can play waaaaay better if you don't have to concentrate on dollars & cents every minute of every day. It allows your mind to run wild and go for the BIG picture. You can Find affiliates, refine the process, take your time, and build a team. Hell, you can even pay to advertise - that's a game-changer right there!

👉Here's what I am saying:

🥊In 5 years, DreamStarters Publishing worked with 10 incredible affiliates that refer us to other people. Without these people, we would be dead in the water. I realized Affiliations are key. If I wasn't desperate early on, I may have been able to create more affiliations faster with a better payment structure to them.

🤗But I learned.... And...

Within only 4 weeks, my newest investment #ROCKSTARS #DREAM, has just about 250 affiliate models❗ When added up, these people have potentially millions of followers. In 4 weeks❗ And they are producing sales without even much guidance just yet. Think about that.

Why❓ Because we are not desperate. We are now smarter. It's not about the short term game. It's about the big picture. We now have the luxury to take our time and go for the grandslam. ⚾ Within 6 months, we will shatter 1,000 affiliates. Do the math on that.

Here's the takeaway.🤘🤘🤘

🔴 Be desperate to get your first business off the ground. Desperation is not attractive.. but it is essential.

🔴 Analyze your weaknesses, and refine them for future investments. Think about what you "wish you had"... And look for that in other games/businesses.

🔴 When you have the luxury, take your time, do it right, and remove the desperation. Strategize . You can't do this alone. Figure out a scalable way for people to refer your business & get compensated handsomely, easily, and residually.🤗. The lack of desperation becomes very attractive to the market & investors.


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