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🔴Facebook & Instagram Ads. ----
Finally worked!

⏰Over the past 3 years, I have met with many "experts".

Their advice was to spend $5,000 - $10k per month to be effective in generating leads.

Why is that❓ Because my business is not focused in one city. 99.99% of my clients don't live in the same state that I do. Therefore, I must spend more to reach more.👉 That's the downside of having a global business.

😮So, Everytime I would try to advertise to generate leads (for my book business), it would get absolutely nothing. Given, I would only try $20 at a time, it was producing absolutely #zero hits, zero #leads, zero #engagement.

But I'm a streetfighter😎. So, I will figure out way to win even when I'm blinded (Bloodsport reference 😉🥊).

What I did was create an extremely simple ad (took 3 seconds) for my other investment Rockstars Dream. Focused on #Pittsburgh only, with a very slim age window, and yielded an audience of 6500 people. So, I put $20 into that ... And we are generating leads non-stop‼️ absolutely incredible ‼️

What's next? Well of course, now we pour on the gas. I've always believed "if you can't move the needle with $20, then you will waste the next thousand."

But if you can, then you can do some damage.

🔴Here's my advice 👉Before you listen to an "ad guru", find out what type of business they helped advertise. Because the type of business tells all. And find out how much they spent. This is why I pay very little attention to "2-comma club funnel" builders too. I've looked at many of these people and have no idea what the business/product sold was. That seems strange to me.

The details matter: Type of business, global or local, tangible products or not, startup or not, budget, ages, gender, interests, offer, etc.

Took me 4 years to create an ad that generates leads on autopilot. It might take you the same amount of time. Just Don't be like Al Bundy. Don't give up❗

Thank you, Zucks!


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