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Home-Blog-Mike Fallat on Stephen King’s “The Stand”

🍿I watched #THE #STAND last night (again).

🔥It's about a Super-flu that wipes out the world.

🔥Moreso, it's about Good vs. Evil.

🔥There are insane similarities to the beginning of this movie and what is going on in this world. You see, human nature is pretty predictable.

🔥Pay attention to how people respond right now. Some are downright losing their minds. Some are extremely angry. Some are blaming Trump. ....But some are calm & collected.

🔥And you want to know the truth❓ The people who are the most calm (that I know), all have a rock-solid spiritual side. 4 years ago, I improved mine... And I'm still seeing how it helps in day-to-day life.

🔥I am not the most religious guy in the world, but I do see the power in it.

🔥You see, in 2016, I started to take religion (my Christianity) more seriously. Within 2 years, my business exploded... And it allowed me to never have to work for someone ever again. Seeing something that other people could not see and believing it wholeheartedly needed some type of faith.

😇Was my success because of religion? I have no idea. I just know that what I asked for came to life.

👼That's why I think I'm looking at this moment in time as an opportunity. So many people are scared shitless, while I am looking to double down on business. I do owe alot of that to my faith.

🔥But I will tell you that if I didn't believe in God, I would be very scared right now.

🔥Imagine thinking you are all alone right now. That would be sooooo scary... Which would cause fear... Which would cause hesitation.... Which would cause all your greatest fears to come true.

🔴If your spiritual side is strong, maybe now is the time to stand & fight.🥊



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