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#Scary Moments in Life.😱

🤔We can all think back to a moment that haunts us for a very long time. These moment(s) live with us because they were a time of shock & awe.😱😱

🔴For example, in April of 1987, I can remember seeing the Easter Bunny at the mall... And thinking "this thing looks like a serial killer from one of those Lifetime movies that my mom watches". Scary❗

🔴In April of 2015, I can remember taking a billion dollar company to federal court because of their non compete clause that wouldn't allow me to work & earn a living. Then, seeing how the justice system really works at the federal level as compared to the state level. Scary❗

🔴In April 2020, I made a post about how I will not get the vaccine shot for covid-19 when it comes out in 18 months. Then seeing how many sheep came out of the woodwork saying how wrong it would be to NOT want to put some foreign chemicals in my body after a Chinese scientist created some virus strand in a lab. SCARY❗

😮But then you realize how all these scary moments actually teach you something about life that you could use forever:

👉The scary bunnies gave me a fascination for horror movies. Then a wild imagination to write well. Then the ability to write books and create the coolest videos & magazines. Thanks scary bunnies🐰

👉The federal court battle showed me how the corporate world does not care about you (the worker). It showed me how I should never ever ever be an employee for a corporation that teaches people how to pressure old women into buying something on the spot. It also was the catalyst to launching my book business and making 1️⃣0️⃣❌ more money. Thanks Chuck the Rat!

👉The social media post showed me how many people think independently like me 🤗... And also how many people think like a sheep and will do/think whatever the government/media tells them to do/think. It also showed me how most Entrepreneurs focus on working on what they can control (like boosting immune system, taking care of their bodies, and self education)..while other people just want a quick 💉 to give them some false peace of mind. Thus, giving me new funny creative marketing ideas.🤗🤗🤗🤗. Thanks sheeple!

Scary moments are meant to teach you something! 🎇🎆🎇🎆🎇

Do you have any scary moments that taught you something in life❓






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