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Have you ever let go of a business ❓

😮I've had 5+ businesses fail.

😮Letting go of a business is just as hard as letting go of relationships. Some say it's as hard as a marriage ending.

🤔How can that be❓

🧨Because you put everything you have into it. Money, time, energy, thought. Hell, you even dream about business.

🧨And when it ends, you wonder what happened. What you could have done differently. Why it didn't live on. What will you do NEXT.

🧨It's usually full of sadness & despair. Usually.

🧨But last night, I went to the final night of a business that seemed like a celebration rather than a funeral. It was the end of an incredible run ..and hundreds... Potentially thousands of people came by the business on its last day to say "thank you" and goodbye. It was a real party.

💥What a night.

On a long enough timeline, the survival rate of every business drops to zero.

Most people won't ever start because they are afraid of that "letting go" part.

It's their own fear that stops them from trying. To me, that is the real failure. I mean, how can people live without trying to bring their idea to the world❓

🔥You see, in both of the businesses that I am an owner (Dreamstarters Publishing & RockstarsDream), I can see & hear the excitement from clients & customers daily. It's the greatest sign that you are on the right path.

In my first couple businesses, I never saw that. That is why I thank every business "failure" for the lessons they taught me.

Trying, building, producing and learning... Is not the same as failing. Remember that.

It's sad to let go. But it's much more sad to not even try.

🔴To not even try is the death of dream. And when your dream dies, you die.

If you never stop trying, DO YOU KNOW WHICH CHAPTER OF YOUR LIFE IS ALWAYS BEST? The next one.😉😉😉.

🔥If you know the feeling of letting go of a business, we would love to hear from you...
Give us a "🤘"


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