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🤔Imagine how many straight A students who did everything right.

🤔They did the best in school.
They got decent, secure, steady paying jobs.
They stayed out of trouble.
They had a few kids, got a spouse, and devoted their time to work instead of their family.

🤔They let go of the dream of starting their own business... And writing a book.... And speaking all across the country.

🤔They did the "safe" thing... And didn't take any risks.

🤔Then one day, their governor got on TV and told them they are NOT ALLOWED TO WORK & EARN MONEY anymore indefinitely.

Gone. All gone. In one day.

🤔Their finances seemed to dry up. His/her marriage got shaky. And his kids were confused as to why they should go to school and try hard like him/her (if this could happen to them).

Then he/she realizes the person working at the gas station is making more money than himself/herself.

🤔Then starts thinking about selling meth.

🔴This moment could be the push you need.

🧨Remember..Nothing is 100% safe & secure. So you might as well take this time to make some moves. Don't sell meth. Get creative.

🔥Do something that use to scare the hell out of you. This could be the "break" that you needed.



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