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Home-Blog-Mike Fallat On How to Make the Most of the Current Events

🤯I know this will sound insane...

⏰But this moment is such an opportunity to make serious progress in your life, business, and finances.

💥What you are seeing is a "shift" in the way people think and live. Shopping habits are changing, priorities are evolving, and lots of people are losing focus.

💥What does this mean for you❓ Real #Opportunity, an open #chance to break out, and a #reason to play offense (not defense).

🤔Wholesaling will probably start to boom. People starting online side businesses will boom. The stock market will begin to offer incredible discounts. Your competition will have to lay of people and slow their momentum. People will abandon their dream vision and only care about what the media is telling them. Governments are prohibiting brick and mortar businesses from running properly. Gaps will be created.

🔥Case in point - Book sales on Amazon are down right now. Which means it's much easier it's become a best-seller now than it was two weeks ago. Do you see the power in that? Hell, we are turning a #book into a bestseller on Wednesday. I can't wait.

🔥Also, more people signed up for RockstarsDream lingerie in the past week, than the 5 weeks prior. It's because more people want to work from home!

🔥Speaking of which, more people across the world are forced to work from home right now. Which means it's an opportune time to do an interview with a ghostwriter to have them write your book... Or start the video series that you wanted... Or work on the podcast... Or even read more! So when all this blows over, you can say that you were productive beyond belief.

🔴The message:
👉make the most of this moment. #Capitalize on it. Look at this moment as a gift 🎁

😮Because here's the truth. It won't last forever. You only have a short window of time.

💰The richest people I know made their moves in uncertain times... And made their money $$$ in certain times.

So, make your move. Play offense. And this time next year, you will be sooooo far ahead of the game🏁🏁🏁


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