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🛡️Imagine when this thing is gone....

⚔️Imagine what it's going to feel like to go to a sporting event again.

🛡️Imagine how excited the crowd will be to be there.... And how loud they will cheer.

⚔️Imagine how great of a feeling it's going to be to go out to dinner have your favorite meal again. Imagine how great that will taste.

🛡️Imagine being able to take that girl to the movie theater again or to the comedy show. Imagine how much fun that will be.

⚔️Imagine going back to work to a steady paycheck. Imagine not being worried over the dumb things anymore.

🛡️Imagine being able to walk down the street... And not see people wearing masks. Imagine them not being afraid to walk 6 feet from you.

⚔️Imagine when people see each other and they don't have to elbow bump each other.

🛡️Imagine when you can get on a plane and go to that business event...or desired location.

⚔️Imagine turning on TV and seeing your favorite sports teams ... Or favorite boxers... Or racers.

🛡️Imagine not having to worry about that wedding being cancelled... Or birthday being cancelled... Or local governments telling you what you can and can't do.
⚔️Are you getting the picture❓ Pretty soon this thing will be over.

💥And when it is... The events will be way more exciting than before... The crowds will be more energetic than ever.. Food will taste better... Traveling will boom... Spending will soar... People will stress less about the small stuff (for a little bit)... And your dates will even be more fun (not guaranteed of course😉).

🛡️Every action has a reaction. And then that reaction causes another action. So get ready.

⚔️I also believe that some people will start to take more action in their life. They might hate their life right now... And realize that everything that they worked so hard for can be taken away in an instant. So they might realize that if they are not doing something that they love♥️, then it's not worth doing anymore.

Some people will start to chase what they really really want. Some people will quit what they really really hate. And some people will become the leaders that they are born to be. (Hell, I'm already seeing people take the reigns in their life)

🔴 Remember...You don't #have to do anything. YOU GET TO DO THEM❗ The only question is, when the chains are lifted and the restrictions are gone, how are you going to live❓

⚔️Will you embrace the freedom? Or will you waste this gift of a new perspective?




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