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These #pictures 🖼️accurately represent how I felt in each of the 3 phases of my life:

1) #College: I can summarize this time period as one giant party - especially senior year. I don't remember learning a single principal of value (in school) besides "just be like Warren Buffet". Seriously, every business course was about him & Starbucks. I hated school, but loved the partying & playing hockey. 🔴 By the time I left school, I was soft, overweight, unprepared, and still unsure of who I wanted to become.

2) #Corporate #Employee: After receiving a few empty promises from my first employer, I decided to strike out on my own. The first couple stops were at small businesses - which taught me soooo much about managing a business. But, then I landed in the corporate world (in sales). Obviously, I went there for the money. 🔴What I learned was how I could compete in the sales world, what truly motivates me, and who I #didn't want to become. I started to lose that "edge". And I realized the longer I stayed, the softer I would get. I knew I had to leave.

3) #Entrepreneur : The moment I bought a 4 unit rental property was a day that I'll never forget. Immediately, I felt a little more in control of my life. As time went by, my skin became thicker. There was an obvious shell shocked feeling for a few years - simply because nothing can prepare you for what the life is really like. I became very "cold" to anything that would hurt me or even try to hurt me. This became a skillset that I would soon master... And I believe is essential in business. The day that I wrote a book was as if I found a weapon & a vehicle that few others could relate. Have you ever seen the movie #Cobra❓Do you remember his gun and his wicked car? Yeah, that's how I felt. I was officially part of the #zombiesquad. 🔴My edge was back, I was in control, and for God's sake, I was able to defeat the night stalkers & get the girl. Wait...what?

Most importantly, Entrepreneurship taught me who I DID want to become ❗ It gave me clarity, purpose, and direction. After two years of being a full-time business owner, I was leaner and harder than ever before.

"Softness is a disease... And Entrepreneurship is the cure." - Marion Cobreti
Can anyone relate to this journey ❓


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