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👉It all comes down to priorities.

👉I meet with people all the time who WANT to start a business... Write a book... Or make a change in their life.

🏃‍♂️Yet, they never take a step forward.

🏋️‍♂️It's not because they don't want it. It's because they don't want it bad enough.

❌And guess what? You can't help these people.

Atleast not right now. So, let them go. This is always so frustrating. You can see their potential.. but you can look into their eyes and #not 🚫 see the hunger.

In the past, I burned up so much time and energy on people who weren't ready to care enough about their progress, so it didn't matter what I told them. I tried.. but was always met with disappointment.

In the picture below, the guy on the right #wanted to be fit/healthy, but he cared waaaay more about Business. So, he just wasn't ready to care enough about going to the gym, eating healthy, or how he looked. The greatest trainer in the world couldn't help me. I was totally consumed by the business.

💰Once the business started growing & working FOR him, he had time & energy to care about other parts of life. It's all priorities.

🤔There are lots of good people who are not getting any further simply because they don't prioritize THE CHANGES THAT ARE NECESSARY.

🤔They might have too much going on in life to be effective. They might have made so many promises to themselves (that fell through) that they stopped believing in themselves. Or they might just not want it bad enough (right now).

🔴Show me where you keep your promises and I will see what are your priorities.

Are you not getting something that you want❓

It's because you are not ready to prioritize it.


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